Jackie Reid

I can become inspired by just about anything. The way the sunlight shines through a sheer curtain creates a band of soft colors and a feeling of calm that inspires me to create a soft, sweet, whimsical piece of jewelry perfect for the girl sitting on a porch swing and sipping iced tea with a little daisy in her hair.  Then there are days that I wake up with a design in my head that I take straight to my studio before I forget.  Because my inspiration comes from a place of feelings and moods, when I sit down to create a piece, I envision what the person who wears this piece would be like. I imagine how they feel and where they go in life. A free spirited, peace-loving, nature girl might inspire me to create something delicate but earthy, with little bits of leather, wood and stamped metal. A more outgoing, party planning, festive kind of girl might inspire me to reach for large, bright beads with lots and lots (and lots) of sparkly crystals. I am continually developing my artistic skills and with each new medium comes a new set of tools. A few years ago, I was fortunate enough to discover a large roll of old leather in the dark corners of an antique store. Now, I have a leather crafting area in my studio and a whole new set of tools to master. I hope you find your own unique style somewhere in my designs.

Design Style

My design style is intended to evoke a certain emotion in the person who wears it. I want people to look at my pieces and feel something. I like each piece to draw a certain person to it, for reasons they might not recognize. So when I begin to create a piece, I try to focus on an emotion, and choose components that match that. While there are some pieces that just don’t fit into a category, most will fall under one of the collections listed below…


This collection includes lots of leather, brass and metal with perhaps some glass, horn or bone pieces. It creates a feeling of an easy, free spirit. Someone who wakes up each day with a spontaneous and adventurous approach to life.

Mystical Gemstones

Similar to the Bohemian collection with it’s earthy feel, the Gemstone collection includes combinations of gemstones that are believed to promote and enhance certain states. Some of my favorite gemstones are aquamarine and amazonite, which are associated with a peaceful and calming feeling. You will also find a lot of fluorite, amethyst, citrine, quartz and prehnite in my designs. I just adore the individuality of each stone in their natural state. Those who study healing crystals are drawn to these pieces for their “from the earth” mystical qualities.


This collection is dotted with cultured pearls, sparkling crystals and delicate silver chain. This collection becomes the focus during Valentines day, with tiny hand-cut metal hearts, fine silver hoops and simple rings with one delicately wrapped pearl. The feeling intended is one of a blissful girl in love, surrounded by daisies and sunshine. “It’s so pretty!”

Chunky & Funky

There is no other way to describe this collection. Here, you will find large, rough cut gemstones in the form of necklaces, bracelets and rings. Wire wrapped rings are one of my favorite pieces to make in this collection. They stand out and always make a great conversational piece. This collection is confident and loud.

Dark & Twisty Rebel

This collection touches on my quieter side, with a dark mix of leather, gunmetal chain and perhaps a pearl or two to mix things up. Rustic leather cuffs, dyed, stamped and roughed up a bit find their place here. I think of the early years of Madonna, when she was just hitting the music scene, with all her layers of dark accessories and controversy.